Nashville based VenX, LLC Announces First–in-Man Clinicals for New Vein Treatment Technology

VenX, LLC, a medical device company focused on advancing the treatment of varicose veins, announced the start of first-in-man clinical trials using its novel device for the treatment of varicose veins.

“Having initiated the first-in-man study is a significant milestone for the company and the initial clinical insights have been very encouraging. We are delighted to be commercializing a device that extends the reach of phlebectomy and gives vein specialists another option for the treatment of small and medium sized veins,” said VenX Vice President of Business Development, David Landman.

The company is developing the VenX ReachTM, a novel, minimally invasive device to perform Horizontal PhlebectomyTM. VenX, LLC, founded by vein specialists, sought to create a device enabling vein care physicians to more effectively treat their patients without side effects inherent to chemically based sclerotherapy. With the VenX Reach, vein specialists are able to perform Horizontal Phlebectomy, which treats a broader area of abnormal veins in a minimally invasive fashion.

“Until now, the treatment options for smaller vein types have been limited to the use of powerful chemical agents, but the VenX Reach enables the physician to perform a simplified technique that mechanically treats these types of veins through tiny incisions which heal with minimal to no scarring. This added flexibility provides vein specialists a more effective alternative for treating certain varicose veins that have traditionally required larger volume sclerotherapy,” said Dr. Andrew Jones, a vein specialist at the Inovia Vein Specialty Center and lead investigator of the current VenX study.

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