Case Files by Dr. George

The authors present a unique case of right subclavian artery stenosis resulting in a subclavian steal syndrome, managed with percutaneous stenting but complicated by stent recoil requiring the use of a manually crimped stent with increased radial… | Read More

The authors present a case involving percutaneous revascularization of the pedal arch of the foot for gangrenous toes with associated osteomyelitis. | Read More

ABSTRACT: May–Thurner syndrome is a rare condition involving compression of the left iliac vein by the right common iliac artery. Rarely, iliac vein compression syndromes are found to be right-sided and even more rarely bilateral. We present a rare… | Read More

ABSTRACT: A 71-year-old male underwent bilateral renal artery stenting via the right femoral artery and received an Angio-Seal vascular closure device (St. Jude Medical) for access site hemostasis upon completion of the case. Two weeks later, he… | Read More

ABSTRACT: Aorto-ostial lesions are typically some of the most difficult to treat because of the unique challenges they pose such as difficulty in visualizing the ostium; geometric mismatch of a cylindrical stent being placed into a funnel-shaped… | Read More

ABSTRACT: A 41-year-old female presented with post-thrombotic syndrome following diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis, treated with anticoagulation and placement of an IVC filter. Further work-up revealed chronic left iliac vein occlusion secondary to… | Read More

ABSTRACT: Lower extremity ulceration is disabling and can be secondary to arterial or venous insufficiency. Although chronic venous disease is the etiology in the majority of cases, venous ulceration is often initially mistaken for arterial disease… | Read More

ABSTRACT: Transplanted renal artery stenosis is the most common vascular complication of transplanted kidney, which causes refractory hypertension and can result in allograft dysfunction, presenting with renal insufficiency and failure. We present a… | Read More

ABSTRACT: A 91-year-old male with history of peripheral vascular disease and existing stent in the common femoral artery presented with contralateral critical limb ischemia. Our case demonstrates the successful closure of a femoral access site… | Read More

ABSTRACT: Emerging technologies constantly redefine the clinical landscape in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. We describe a case utilizing the adjunctive therapy of the Wildcat catheter with the motorized Juicebox console (Avinger, Inc… | Read More