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The authors aim to determine whether, in a group of patients with an established familial pattern of aortic disease, there is a risk of development of new aneurysm in the follow-up period, and whether this risk differs from that of patients without… | Read More

Stent fractures in the SFA play a modest role in the development of in-stent restenosis. In this study, a majority of patients with in-stent restenosis did not have stent fracture. | Read More

The Ocelot catheter allows for safe, quick, and efficient crossing of peripheral arterial CTOs while eliminating, or significantly reducing, fluoroscopic exposure and associated contrast administration. | Read More

Commonly used techniques for isolating the true arterial puncture site are often imprecise. The authors present a useful indicator of the true arterial puncture site following a presentation of data on perceived vs true puncture sites. | Read More

The authors compare clinical outcomes of male and female patients with PAD who underwent percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.  | Read More

Knowledge of the regional distribution of wall thickness and failure properties in an AAA can help in understanding its natural history, developing methods to predict rupture risk, and designing vascular prostheses. | Read More

Endovascular treatment with surgical decompression of popliteal artery is a potential alternative treatment for PAES that is less invasive and offers an alternative to conventional bypass surgery, especially for young patients. | Read More

The authors conducted a retrospective analysis of hospital discharge data to determine national trends in carotid body tumors in the United States by year, incidence, patient demographics, and hospital covariates. | Read More

This study aimed to determine the impact of an online, structured learning management system (LMS) on the learning of vascular surgical trainees by comparing qualifying examination performance with and without LMS utilization. | Read More

The author examines retrospective single-center data on the spiral laminar flow graft for lower extremity bypass. | Read More