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Dr. Craig Walker Announces the Launch of the “Fellows’ Corner”

Editor's Corner

Dr. Craig Walker Announces the Launch of the “Fellows’ Corner”

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Author Information:

Craig Walker, MD, FACC, FACP

Clinical Editor

Interventional Cardiologist, Founder, President, and Medical Director; Cardiovascular Institute of the South

Clinical Professor of Medicine; Tulane University School of Medicine; Louisiana State University School of Medicine

I am pleased to announce that starting in January 2021, Vascular Disease Management will include a novel section called the “Fellows’ Corner” that will have subeditors that are actively participating in advanced peripheral vascular interventional fellowship. This peer reviewed section will focus on case reports and articles that are particularly relevant to fellows in training and young interventionists developing further diagnostic and interventional skills in patients with peripheral vascular disorders (arterial, venous, and lymphatic). The editors of this section will be Drs. Sagger Mawri and Andres Vargas

I want to encourage fellows and our regular followers to submit articles and cases of interest. With each of the cases and articles submitted it would be appropriate to point out lessons learned including making the diagnosis, crossing lesions, device utilization for lesion treatment, thrombus mitigation, avoidance of embolic sequelae, and access site management. This section is intended for sharing experiences with others to improve diagnostic accuracy, treatment success, and complication avoidance. It should also address dealing with complications that may arise. As follow-up and decisions made during this period are pivotal in ultimate patient outcomes, discussion of follow-up and treatment algorithms based on this should be discussed. In addition to these subjects, the “Fellows’ Corner” can also include introduction of new devices with step-by-step instructions for use which will be permanently archived for subsequent reference.

The “Fellows’ Corner” is meant to be a practical, permanently available, publication amongst peers to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular disorders. I believe that the ability to include videos in the journal’s digital format will enhance the learning experience for others, particularly in step-by-step crossing, treatment, and device instructions. This section of the journal will allow fellows and peripheral vascular interventionists of all vintages to exchange practical ideas with tips and pointers that may directly affect patient outcomes.

I strongly encourage fellows in training and young interventionists who are interested to apply as potential reviewers and as content providers.

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