The Need for a PAD Registry


Submitted on Wed, 01/25/2017 - 11:03

The interventional therapy of peripheral arterial disease varies widely among practitioners. Treatment strategies include POBA, subintimal PTA, focal force balloons, drug-eluting balloons, stents of various designs, drug-eluting stents, and various atherectomy devices. There are many opinions about what constitutes the ideal and most cost-effective therapy, but no real guidelines are present at this time. I firmly believe that we need an inclusive registry as devices are proliferating at a rate that make randomized controlled trials less definitive (more advanced designs may answer prior device shortcomings). I continue to strongly support randomized controlled trials, but argue that a registry following all treated cases regardless of the type of device utilized is necessary. Unfortunately, I know of no sources that would fund a registry following all devices. What do you think?