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Volume 14 - Issue 6 - June 2017

June 2017 Issue 6 Volume 14

Endovascular Techniques
Michael D. Dake, MD
The Gore Thoracic Branch Endoprothesis is a novel, single-branch stent-graft designed and initially studied for the treatment of thoracic aortic aneurysms in zone 2. We discuss the expansion of this device for use in zones 0 and 1.
Endovascular Techniques
Jovan N. Markovic, MD and Cynthia K. Shortell, MD, FACS
Because the management of congenital arteriovenous malformation (CVM) falls within the purview of many medical specialties, it is critical to establish a multidisciplinary approach. This article offers tips for the diagnosis and treatment of CVMs.
Endovascular Techniques
Akhilesh K. Sista, MD
This article covers pulmonary embolism (PE) stratification, pathophysiology, and endovascular therapy for massive and submassive PE.
Case Report
Krishna Kumar Bhaskarapillai, DNB (Pediatrics), DNB (Cardiology)1;  Praveen Velappan, MD, DM (Cardiology)2;  Prabha Nini Gupta, MD, DM (Cardiology)2;  Ashish Singal, MD2;  Vijayalekshmi Ambika, MD2
We describe here an endovascular approach to a perforation in the right femoral artery that was emergently closed with gel foam.
Original Research
Paramjit Chopra, MD2;  Zsuzsanna Igyarto, PhD1;  Brad J. Martinsen, PhD1
Our aim was to determine awareness of PAD treatment options and referral of patients at high risk of PAD to specialty care via a cross-sectional online survey of 500 clinicians from across the United States.
Editor's Corner
Craig Walker, MD Clinical Editor Vascular Disease Management
Dr. Craig Walker, Clinical Editor, welcomes three new Section Editors to the VDM team: Dr. Richard Kovach, section editor on Carotid Disease; Dr. Pradeep Nair, clinical section editor on New Technologies; and Dr. Amjad AlMahameed, section editor on V…
Editor's Corner
Craig Walker, MD Clinical Editor Interventional Cardiologist  Founder, President, and Medical Director Cardiovascular Institute of the South Clinical Professor of Medicine  Tulane University School of Medicine Louisiana State University School of Medicine
Dr. Walker discusses this month’s article by Gupta, et al. and comments on the potential merit of a gel foam technique for treating patients with dangerous bleeds secondary to invasive procedures.
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