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Volume 14 - Issue 10 - October 2017

October 2017 Issue 10 Volume 14

Case Report
Vascular Disease Management. 2017;14(10):e225-e228.

Anwar Zaitoun, MD; Andrew Boshara, MD;  Antonious Attallah, MD

St John Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

The authors describe an important technique to consider in the face of chronic total occlusions in patients with severe PAD in whom limb salvage is desired and who would otherwise be considered too high a surgical risk.
ISET Spotlight
Vascular Disease Management. 2017;14(10):e229.
Second-generation mesh-covered carotid stents offer the potential advantage of improved plaque stabilization during carotid stenting procedure.
Research Article
Vascular Disease Management. 2017;14(10):e218-e224.

Sudarshan Paudel, MD1; Anwar Zaitoun, MD1; Saif Al-Najafi, MD2; Thaer Musa, MD3Susan Szpunar, PhD1, Dawn Light, RN1, Rajendra H. Mehta, MD4;  Howard S. Rosman, MD1

1St John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan; 2Rush University Hospital, Chicago, Illinois; 3University of Kentucky, Lexington; and 4Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, North Carolina.

Paudel et al examined the gender-related differences in PAD-related health status in patients undergoing PVI for lower extremity PAD.
Editor's Corner
Vascular Disease Management. 2017;14(10):e217.

Craig Walker, MD
Clinical Editor
Interventional Cardiologist 
Founder, President, and Medical Director
Cardiovascular Institute of the South
Clinical Professor of Medicine 
Tulane University School of Medicine
Louisiana State University School of Medicine

Dr Walker comments on this month's case report by Zaitoun et al, in which pedal access was used to salvage a limb.
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