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Peripheral Arterial Disease


Vascular Disease Management talks with IMPERIAL trial co-principal investigator William A. Gray, MD, FACC, FSCAI, System Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Disease; President, Lankenau Heart Institute…
Original Research
Nurgroho and colleagues describe how home-based exercise training improved VEGF level and ABI in patients with PAD.
Editor's Corner
Dr. Walker comments on a pilot study by Nugroho and colleagues, and how home-based exercise training may increase levels of VEGF in patients with mild PAD.
Case Report
Brandner and Adams discuss a case that highlights the use of Tack implants to address two grade D dissections of the mid-right superficial femoral artery (SFA) following balloon angioplasty.  
Case Report
Enrique Hernandez, MD; Ivan Montoya, MD; Yohandy Fuentes, DPM, PGY II Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center at Mercy Hospital, Miami, Florida 
Original Research
In this study, researchers evaluated the efficacy and safety of initial dual antegrade and retrograde access approach compared with single antegrade or retrograde approach for crossing any level of…
Inari Medical, Inc. announced today the enrollment of the first patient in the FlowTriever All-Comer Registry for Patient Safety and Hemodynamics ("FLASH") using the FlowTriever® System for the…


Thomas Zeller, MD, reported on 5-year follow-up data for the use of a drug-coated balloon (DCB) below the…

Dr Walker comments on a case in which a patient developed a recurrent SFA occlusion with “no reflow” in the below-the-knee vessels following subintimal recanalization and repeat stenting of the SFA.
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