Volume 8 - Issue 9 - September 2011

<p>Vincent Varghese, DO and Jon C. George, MD</p>

AbstractVenous thromboembolic disease (VTE), including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus, is a frequent occurrence in clinical medicine. Isolated inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombus, however, is a rare finding. Current treatment options for… | Read More

<p>Sherif Sultan, MD and Niamh Hynes, MD</p>

AbstractObjective. Compare effectiveness of subintimal angioplasty versus bypass surgery for TASC C and D femoropopliteal lesions. Methods. Of 1076 patients referred with pulmonary vascular disease from 2002 to 2007, 206 SIAs in 190 patients and 128… | Read More

<p>Interview by Amanda Wright</p>

<p>Read the print article of this interview at http://vasculardiseasemanagement | Read More

<p>Frank J. Criado<br />Editor-in-Chief<br />Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Intervention; Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar Health<br />Baltimore, Maryland <br />frank.criado@medstar.net</p>

The word debunking has come into relatively common use these days, and not just in medicine. It is constructed from the prefix de-, meaning “to remove,” and the word bunk. But what’s the origin of the word bunk… denoting the nonsense that is to be… | Read More