Volume 9 - Issue 3 - March 2012

<p>Douglas W. Jones, MD, and Darren B. Schneider, MD</p>

Abstract Chronic iliac vein and inferior vena cava (IVC) occlusion or stenosis due to deep vein thrombosis or non-thrombotic conditions is an important cause of venous outflow obstruction and may lead to post-thrombotic syndrome and chronic… | Read More

<p>Daniel E. Wildes Jr., DO, Richard Kovach, MD, and Jon C. George, MD</p>

AbstractA 72-year-old female patient presented with progressive dyspnea; chest pain with minimal exertion that resolved with rest; and debilitating dizziness that worsened with activity. Our case demonstrates successful complex endovascular… | Read More

<p>Muhammad Chaudhry, MD, Senthil Nachimuthu, MD, Faisal Latif, MD</p>

AbstractPercutaneous intervention of renal artery stenosis improves control of hypertension and to some extent, stemming progressive renal dysfunction. Dual blood supply of a kidney through 2 separate renal arteries occurs in almost 25% of the… | Read More

<p>Interview by Amanda Wright</p>

Tell me about the mini-incision carotid endarterectomies recently performed. Why did you do decide to try mini-incision CEAs?About a decade ago, I was at a meeting and had a colleague discussing carotid stenting and showing photos of traditional CEA… | Read More