Volume 9 - Issue 7 - July 2012

<p>Frank J Criado, <br />MD, FACS, FSVM<br />Editor-in-Chief</p>

The topic of endovascular therapy and its history is a favorite subject of mine. More specifically, aortic stent-graft technologies have occupied center stage for me ever since I became involved (serendipitously) in the Parodi abdominal aortic… | Read More

<p>Shyamkumar Nidugala Keshava, DNB, FRCR, FRANZCR<sup>1</sup>, Munawwar Ahmed, MD<sup>1</sup>, Chiramel George Koshy, MD<sup>1</sup>, Indrani Sen, MS<sup>2</sup>, Edwin Stephen, MS<sup>2</sup></p>

ABSTRACT: We report an unusual case of a patient with vascular Ehler-Danlos syndrome. This condition is significant because of the possibility of multiple vascular complications that result from increased vascular fragility.VASCULAR DISEASE… | Read More

<p>Saziye Karaca, MD<sup>1</sup>, Olivier Rager, MD<sup>2</sup>, Susanne Albrecht, MD<sup>2</sup>, Osman Ratib, MD, PhD<sup>2</sup>, Nicolas Murith, MD<sup>1</sup>, B.H.Walpoth, MD<sup>1</sup>, Afksendiyos Kalangos, MD, PhD<sup>1</sup>&nbsp;</p>

ABSTRACT: Infection of prosthetic vascular grafts is a rare but severe complication in reconstructive vascular surgery. It carries a potential vital risk of bacteremia and sepsis. In spite of improved surgical techniques and use of systemic… | Read More

<p>Jon C. George, MD</p>

ABSTRACT: Lower extremity ulceration is disabling and can be secondary to arterial or venous insufficiency. Although chronic venous disease is the etiology in the majority of cases, venous ulceration is often initially mistaken for arterial disease… | Read More

<p>Frank J. Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM, Editor-in-Chief</p>

The transformation of the field of thoracic aortic surgery began with the performance of the first stent graft procedure for repair of a descending thoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA) by Dake et al in 1992.1 It took place in the wake of the history-… | Read More

<p>Interview by Amanda Wright</p>

Q: Tell me about the Rethink Varicose Veins campaign and how it began.A: As a medical community, we decided that there were unmet needs both in the patient population and physician population for education and awareness of what venous disease is,… | Read More