Volume 9 - Issue 8 - August 2012

<p>Frank J Criado, <br />MD, FACS, FSVM<br />Editor-in-Chief</p>

On April 4, 2012, the FDA cleared Cook’s AAA fenestrated stent-graft for commercialization in the U.S. This is a customized design that must be constructed to the anatomical specifications of an individual patient. The adjunctive Zenith Alignment… | Read More

<p>Shyamkumar Nidugala Keshava, DNB, FRCR, FRANZCR<sup>1</sup>, Kapil Naik, DMRD, DNB<sup>1</sup>, Surendra Babu, RS, DMRD, DNB<sup>1</sup>, Fredrick Vyas, MS<sup>2</sup>,&nbsp; Aravindan Nair, MS<sup>2</sup>, Sunil Agarwal, MS<sup>2</sup></p>

ABSTRACT: An aneurysm developing in hypertrophied pancreaticoduodenal artery associated with a median arcuate ligament compressing the celiac trunk is a relatively rare entity. We present 2 such cases that we managed recently. One presented with… | Read More

<p>Aaron VanHise, DO<sup>1</sup>, David Gilbert, DO<sup>2</sup>, Jon C. George, MD<sup>1</sup></p>

ABSTRACT: A 41-year-old female presented with post-thrombotic syndrome following diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis, treated with anticoagulation and placement of an IVC filter. Further work-up revealed chronic left iliac vein occlusion secondary to… | Read More

<p>Interview by Amanda Wright</p>

Q: How common is it for pregnant women to get blood clots and what are the typical treatments?A: During pregnancy, the risk of blood clots in the legs or blood clots going to the lungs increases 4-5 fold. It is more frequently observed during the… | Read More