Volume 10 - Issue 6 - June 2013

Frank J Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved 21-French and smaller endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) systems to include percutaneous EVAR (PEVAR) based on the outcomes of the first prospective, multicenter, randomized PEVAR trial. The new on-… | Read More

Eric Rosen, DO, Jon C. George, MD

The authors present a case of endovascular revascularization of a chronic total occlusion via retrograde use of a re-entry catheter, which allows an alternative strategy for revascularization when antegrade approaches fail. | Read More

<p>Krishna J. Rocha-Singh, MD<br />
Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Springfield, Illinois</p>

Despite encouraging early observations of renal denervation for treatment-resistant hypertension, recent reports in larger patient cohorts have suggested higher than initially reported nonresponder rates. Industry has responded with rapid device… | Read More

<p>Vishesh Kumar, MD<sup>1</sup>, James Balcom, MD<sup>2</sup>, Neha Patel, MD<sup>3</sup>, Neeraj Saini, MD<sup>2</sup><br />
<sup>1</sup>Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, <sup>2</sup>North Shore Medical Center, Salem, Massachusetts, <sup>3</sup>Signature Healthcare, Brockton Hospital, Brockton, Massachusetts</p>


The authors describe a case of asymptomatic giant AAA that measured 14 cm in diameter. | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

The TruePath CTO Device for chronic total occlusion (Boston Scientific), which has a diamond-coated distal tip that spins at 13,000 revolutions per minute, can help to break through extremely calcified lesions. | Read More

Richard R. Heuser, MD, FACC, FACP, FESC, FSCAI <br>From St. Luke’s Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona.</p>

Transcatheter renal denervation has the potential to treat patients with not only hypertension but also renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, obesity, sleep apnea, and glucose intolerance. | Read More