Volume 10 - Issue 12 - December 2013

Frank J. Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM

The Heli-FX endoanchor showed technical success in initial results of the ANCHOR registry. Their use will continue to evolve. | Read More

Asif Serajian, DO, Teja Gundala, MD, From West Suburban Medical Center, Oak Park, Illinois.

The authors discuss possible etiologies, potential methods of prevention, and viable documented techniques of successfully resolving a coronary catheter that becomes kinked. | Read More

By Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS, FACC, FSCAI, From the Midwest Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Distal protection is protecting the kidney from debris during percutaneous renal intervention with the use of embolic protection devices distal to the lesion. | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

Vascular Disease Management spoke with John Laird, MD, about the recent US Food and Drug Administration approval of the Complete SE stent for new indications. Dr. Laird served as principal investigator for the Complete SE SFA study, in which 99.6%… | Read More

<p class="p1"><span class="s1">Caroline Clezar, MD<sup>1</sup>, Fabrizzio Souza, MD<sup>1</sup>, Nicolle Cassola, MD<sup>1</sup>, Carolina Benze, MD<sup>1</sup>, André Milani, MD<sup>1</sup>, Felipe Nasser, PhD<sup>2</sup>, Breno Affonso, PhD<sup>2</sup>, Jorge Amorim, PhD<sup>1</sup>, Fausto Miranda, Jr., PhD<sup>1,&nbsp;</sup></span><span class="s1">From </span><span class="s2"><sup>1</sup></span><span class="s1">Vascular Surgery Division, Department Of Surgery, Paulista School of Medicine, Federal Universivity of Sao Paulo, Brazil and <sup>2</sup>Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon from Interventional Vascular Radiology Department, Israelite Albert Einstein Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil.</span></p>

 New drug-eluting balloon technologies offer the hope of significant reductions of such problems, enhancing the results of angioplasty while, at the same time, providing the opportunity for avoidance of a permanent metal stent implant. | Read More