Volume 11 - Issue 5 - May 2014

Craig Walker, MD

The issues of cost, complication risk, implantation method, and removal contribute to a lack of clear guidelines for the use of inferior vena cava filters. | Read More

Elias Kfoury, MD, Dipankar Mukherjee, MD, Homayoun Hashemi, MD From Inova Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, Virginia.

The authors describe a case of two siblings presenting with popliteal artery entrapment syndrome and discuss a potential genetic relationship to the condition. | Read More

<p>Ash Jain, MD; Lamiya Sheikh, MS, From Washington Hospital Healthcare System, Fremont, California.</p>

The authors present a case and discuss management of formation of pseudoaneurysm after stent fracture associated with renal artery stenosis and stenting. | Read More

<p>Vishesh Kumar, MD<sup>1</sup>; David P. Slovut, MD, PhD<sup>2</sup>, From <sup>1</sup>Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, and <sup>2</sup>Montefiore Medical Center, New York, New York.</p>

The authors discuss the available types of inferior vena cava filters, their main indications, evidence behind their use, and patterns of their utilization. | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

Vascular Disease Management spoke with ENGAGE investigator Dittmar Böckler, MD, PhD, about 3-year results from the 500-patient registry study of the Endurant II AAA stent graft (Medtronic). | Read More