Volume 12 - Issue 1 - January, 2015

<p>Craig Walker, MD</p>

Appropriate use of the techniques described by Shah et al can facilitate successful explantation of chronic implants in appropriately selected patients. | Read More

<p>Judd Salamat, DO; Vincent Varghese, DO; Jon C. George, MD<br />
From the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Endovascular Medicine, Deborah Heart&nbsp;and Lung Center, Browns Mills, New Jersey.</p>

The authors report a case of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in the right coronary artery via femoral access after failed right radial PCI. | Read More

<p>Kush Shah MD, MBA<sup>1</sup>; Michael O’Neill, MD<sup>2</sup>; Ami Vakharia, MD<sup>2</sup>;&nbsp;Reginald Baker, MD<sup>2</sup>; Jason Salsamendi, MD<sup>2</sup>; Govindarajan Narayanan, MD<sup>2</sup></p>

<p>From the <sup>1</sup>University of Miami School of Medicine and <sup>2</sup>Jackson Memorial Hospital Department of&nbsp;Radiology, Miami, Florida.&nbsp;</p>

Retrieval rates for inferior vena cava filters is low, despite the risks associated with longer dwell times. The authors describe various retrieval techniques for challenging filter removal cases.  | Read More

<p>Interview by Jennifer Ford</p>

Vascular Disease Management spoke about the BIOLUX P-III study with clinical investigator Gunnar Tepe, MD, head of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at RoMed Clinic Rosenheim in Germany.  | Read More