Volume 12 - Issue 2 - February, 2015

<p>Issam M. Kably, MD; Dmitriy Meshkov, MD</p>

<p>From University of Miami Miller School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida.</p>

In this case, during routine double port placement utilizing single-incision subcutaneous infraclavicular approach, inadvertent catheterization of the right subclavian artery at the origin of the right vertebral artery was noted. The defect was… | Read More

<p>Roger L. Flekser, BSc, MBBS; Walid Mohabbat, MB BS (Syd) FRACS (Vasc)</p>

<p>From North Shore Vein Clinic, Sydney, Australia, and Specialist Vascular Clinic, Sydney, Australia.</p>

The authors report a case of a large popliteal aneurysm that resulted in a pulmonary embolus. The diagnosis, and more importantly surgical management, of primary venous aneurysms remain uncertain. This case highlights the diagnosis and surgical… | Read More

Popliteal venous aneurysm (PVA) is extremely rare, but interventionalists should know the etiology of PVA to appropriately assess patients presenting with pulmonary embolism and deep venous thrombosis. | Read More

<p>Interview by Jennifer Ford</p>

At the 41st annual VEITHSymposium, Erik E. Debing, MD, PhD, presented mid-term results from the Belgian IN.PACT trial. Vascular Disease Management asked Dr. Debing to share details about the results. | Read More