Volume 13 - Issue 1 - January 2016

<p>Amjad AlMahameed, MD, MPH; Craig Walker, MD</p>

Despite new technologies and research, stent fracture continues to be a challenge faced by vascular specialists.  | Read More

<p>Anvar Babaev, MD, PhD; Pawan Hari, MD; Susanna Zavlunova, MD; Anna Kurayev, MD</p>

<p>From New York University Langone Medical Center, New York, New York.</p>

Stent fractures in the SFA play a modest role in the development of in-stent restenosis. In this study, a majority of patients with in-stent restenosis did not have stent fracture. | Read More

<p>Larry E. Miller, PhD<sup>1</sup>; Richard Kovach, MD<sup>2</sup>; Robert Beasley, MD<sup>3</sup>; Jeffrey A. Goldstein, MD<sup>4</sup>; Hailey Austin<sup>5</sup>; Blaine A. Schneider, PhD<sup>5</sup></p>

<p>From <sup>1</sup>Miller Scientific Consulting, <sup>2</sup>Deborah Heart and Lung Center, <sup>3</sup>Mount Sinai Heart Institute, <sup>4</sup>Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, and <sup>5</sup>The Spectranetics Corporation.</p>

The authors describe the procedural technique of excimer laser atherectomy within in-stent restenosis and to highlight the clinical utility of this technology in challenging case examples. | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

At the 2015 VIVA meeting, data were presented from a study investigating economic impact of various endovascular interventions compared to the Supera stent from Abbott Vascular. Vascular Disease Management spoke with Brian G. DeRubertis, MD, about… | Read More

<p>Interview by Jennifer Ford</p>

At the 2015 VEITH Symposium, Vascular Disease Management spoke with Lowell Kabnick, MD, and Jose Almeida, MD, co-chairs of the venous programming at the meeting. They describe the pros and cons related to the ways that clinicians from multiple… | Read More

<div>Interview by Jennifer Ford</div>

Cynthia Shortell, MD, chief of vascular surgery at Duke University Medical Center, speaks with Vascular Disease Management about trends in CLI therapy today. | Read More