Volume 13 - Issue 2 - February 2016

Craig Walker, MD

Dr. Walker introduces the February issue of Vascular Disease Management with a discussion of innovative techniques for deep venous thrombosis presented in an interview with Mark J. Garcia, MD. | Read More

<p>Roy Miler, MD<sup>1</sup>; Christopher R. Marcellino, MD<sup>2</sup>; Rocio T. Moran, MD<sup>3</sup>; Matthew J. Eagleton, MD<sup>1</sup>; Chase R. Brown, MD<sup>1</sup>; James Bena, MD<sup>1</sup>; Tara M. Mastracci, MD<sup>4</sup></p>

<p>From <sup>1</sup>Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, <sup>2</sup>Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, <sup>3</sup>MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio, and the <sup>4</sup>Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom.&nbsp;</p>

The authors aim to determine whether, in a group of patients with an established familial pattern of aortic disease, there is a risk of development of new aneurysm in the follow-up period, and whether this risk differs from that of patients without… | Read More

<p>Mark J. Russo, MD<sup>1</sup>; Ross Milner, MD<sup>2</sup>; Atman P. Shah, MD<sup>2</sup></p>

<p>From <sup>1</sup>Barnabas Heart Health Centers, Newark, New Jersey, and <sup>2</sup>University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, Illinois.</p>

The authors report a case of closure of an aortic pseudoaneurysm with a novel occluder, the Amplatzer Vascular Plug 4 (St. Jude Medical). | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

Vascular Disease Management spoke with Dr. Garcia at the 2015 VEITH Symposium about a technique he developed using a thrombectomy system for acute and subacute deep vein thrombosis. | Read More

<p>Interview by Jennifer Ford</p>

Anthony Comerota, MD, a participant in the TRA 2°P study of vorapaxar for patients with peripheral arterial disease, speaks with Vascular Disease Management about data on effectiveness of vorapaxar for patients with peripheral arterial disease. | Read More

<p>Interview by Jennifer Ford</p>

Jonathan D. Beard, MD, was a co-applicant, participating physician and member of the Steering Committee of the International Carotid Stenting Study (ICSS). At the 2015 VEITH Symposium in New York, Vascular Disease Management spoke with Dr. Beard… | Read More