Volume 14 - Issue 2 - February 2017

Craig Walker, MD
Clinical Editor
Interventional Cardiologist 
Founder, President, and Medical Director
Cardiovascular Institute of the South
Clinical Professor of Medicine 
Tulane University School of Medicine
Louisiana State University School of Medicine

There is great debate about whether drug-eluting stent or drug-eluting balloon therapy should be utilized to treat symptomatic peripheral arterial disease. | Read More

Lawrence A. Garcia, MD1; Michael Jaff, MD2; Krishna Rocha-Singh, MD3; Thomas Zeller, MD4; James McKinsey, MD5      
From 1St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Brighton, Massachusetts; 2Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts; 3Prairie Medical, Springfield, Illinois; 4Universitats-Herzzentrum Freiburg - Bad Krozingen, Bad Krozingen, Germany; and  5Mount Sinai University, New York, New York

This study assesses the acute safety of directional atherectomy for endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial disease in infrainguinal arteries. | Read More

<p>Richard C. Kovach, MD<br />
From Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Browns Mills, New Jersey<br />

A commentary on a recently published article that explored the relationship between carotid stenting outcomes and operator experience. | Read More

<p>Dhafer Salem, MD, MPH and Maja Delibasic, MD<br />
From Mercy Hospital Medical Center and Wayne State University, Henry Ford Health System, Emergency Medicine, Detroit, Michigan</p>

The presented case demonstrates the success of angioplasty and stenting and the benefit of avoiding a decompression and revascularization surgery. | Read More

Interview by Jennifer Ford

An interview with the principal investigator of the ongoing DRASTICO trial, which is comparing drug-eluting stent vs drug-eluting balloon in complex patients. | Read More