Volume 2 - Issue 4 - July/August 2005

Frank J. Cradio, MD

The FDA announced approval of the first thoracic endograft device (Gore TAG) on March 23, 2005. It signaled the true beginning of a new era in endovascular therapy, and the unmistakable 'message' that thoracic aortic surgery is about to be… | Read More

<sup>1</sup>Shakir Rao, MD, <sup>1</sup>Michael Wholey, MD, MBA, <sup>2</sup>Nikil Patel, MD, <sup>3</sup>Brian Erickson, MD, <sup>4</sup>James Womack, MD

Introduction We report the use of an Angio-Seal™ Vascular Closure Device (St. Jude Medical, Minnetonka, MN) to close the arterial puncture site of the left subclavian artery (LSA) during inadvertent central line placement. History A 56-year-old… | Read More

Andrey Espinoza, MD, Glen Tonnesson, MD, Dubravka Starkevic, MD, Manish Varadia, MD

Introduction Radiation-induced vasculitis (RIV) is a well-documented complication in patients with a history of previous head and neck or mediastinal radiation. Cardiac valves and ostial location lesions of the epicardial coronary arteries are the… | Read More

Jeffrey M. Friedel, MD, Ramzi Khalil, MD, David Lasorda, MD

Introduction Iatrogenic renal artery perforation is a rare, but well-described complication of percutaneous renal artery intervention.1-3 Treatment has traditionally involved surgical intervention including renal artery reconstruction, bypass… | Read More

<sup>1</sup>Gianluca Rigatelli, MD, <sup>1,2</sup>Giorgio Rigatelli, MD

Introduction The association of internal carotid artery disease (ICAD) with aortic valve stenosis (AVS) constitutes a very high-risk clinical occurrence of which surgical management is still unclear, because the rate of death and stroke for combined… | Read More

Robert D. Ecker, MD, Charles A. Guidot, MD, Ricardo A. Hanel, MD, J. Christopher Wehman, MD, Eric Sauvageau, MD, Lee R. Guterman, PhD MD, L. Nelson Hopkins, MD

Introduction Over 12,000 carotid angioplasty and stenting (CAS) procedures have been performed worldwide.1 More than 130,000 carotid endarterectomies (CEA) are performed annually in the United States.2 The FDA has already approved CAS with distal… | Read More

Marc Bosiers, MD, Koen Deloose, MD, Jürgen Verbist, MD, Patrick Peeters, MD

Introduction Peripheral stents aim to support revascularization procedures of intravascular stenoses by mechanically preventing vessel recoil and counteracting pathophysiologic processes of luminal re-narrowing triggered by procedural injury of the… | Read More

David E. Allie, MD

In 1892, Ehrich Weiss (aka Harry Houdini) with his brother, and later his beloved wife, Bess, burst upon the vaudeville scene by performing the first of over 11,000 performances of their famous disappearing act “Metamorphosis.” Harry was tied up,… | Read More