Volume 2 - Issue 6 - Nov/Dec 2005

Frank J. Criado, MD

The incidence of puncture-related femoral artery pseudoaneurysms (PSA) is relatively low but not insignificant. Unlike PSAs of a surgical or post-traumatic nature, catheterization-induced pseudoaneurysms (Figure 1) have a largely benign natural… | Read More

<sup>1</sup>Bilal Boztosun, MD, <sup>2</sup>Yilmaz Gunes, MD, <sup>3</sup>Ayhan Olcay, MD

Introduction Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCD) is an extremely rare condition. It is usually documented during peripartum period in young pregnant women having a history of oral contraceptive use.1 It may also be observed in elderly… | Read More

Jay G. Robison, MD, Fred Crawford, Jr., MD, Walter Uber, PharmD

Introduction Advantages of various direct thrombin inhibitors, a modified dosing schedule for bivalrudin, and experience with monitoring parameters are described. These advantages may form the basis for consideration when alternative anticoagulation… | Read More

Alexander S. Yevzlin, MD, Micahq Chan, MD, Matthew Wolf, MD

Background The delivery of adequate hemodialysis requires dependable access to the vascular system of end stage renal disease patients. Despite the recommendation that arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) be used preferentially over arteriovenous grafts (… | Read More

David E. Allie, MD, Chris J. Hebert, RT(R), R-CIS, Mitchell D. Lirtzman, MD, Charles H. Wyatt, MD, V. Antoine Keller, MD, Michael W. McElderry, MD, Raghotham Patlola, MD, Elena V. Mitran, MD, PhD, Craig M. Walker, MD

Introduction It has been suggested that treatment strategies for acute and chronic critical limb ischemia (CLI) can be tailored, analogous to treating chronic, and especially, acute coronary syndromes (ACS).1,2 Mechanical thrombectomy devices,… | Read More

Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS, Eric J. Dippel, MD, Christina Amidon, MD, Pragnesh Patel, MD, Glen Ancheta, MD, Sarojini Ratnakar, MD, Harb Harb, BSc

Introduction The optimal anticoagulant during the treatment of chronic limb ischemia (CLI) is largely unknown. For the past several years, unfractionated heparin (UFH) has been the main anticoagulant utilized by most endovascular specialists in… | Read More

David E. Allie, MD

I believe the authors are on the right track by exploring more optimal anticoagulation and antiplatelet strategies in treating patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and especially critical limb ischemia (CLI). The limitations and bleeding… | Read More