Case Report

Severe iliofemoral arteriopathies precludes transfemoral access in approximately one-third of patients, but subclavian access represents an alternative option for these patients. | Read More

Ureteroarterial fistula represents an infrequent but potentially fatal cause of hematuria. The authors present the clinical course of an ureteroiliac arterial fistula in a patient who was managed by iliac stenting for 2 years and had an infection… | Read More

The authors describe an important technique to consider in the face of chronic total occlusions in patients with severe PAD in whom limb salvage is desired and who would otherwise be considered too high a surgical risk. | Read More

Exertional dyspnea has many causes. We report a case of exertional dyspnea resulting from preload insufficiency due to inadequate venous return. | Read More

This case demonstrates the successful recanalization of a complex superficial femoral artery ISR chronic total occlusion utilizing the Pantheris catheter. | Read More

This paper discusses a novel treatment of superior vena cava syndrome whereby the operator may preserve the existing central venous catheter, circumventing the need for two invasive procedures. | Read More

We describe here an endovascular approach to a perforation in the right femoral artery that was emergently closed with gel foam. | Read More

Balloon angioplasty of a critically or completely occluded segment of the aorta in Takayasu’s arteritis is challenging because of extensive panarteritis and diffuse fibrosis. We report the case of a 38-year-old female with aortoarteritis. | Read More

We present a case of a patient with impotence and internal iliac artery stenosis. | Read More

Inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombosis can present progressively with symptoms of leg pain, swelling, ulcer formation, and impaired quality of life. The presence of an IVC filter is an independent risk factor for IVC thrombus formation. We present a… | Read More