Editor's Corner

Guest Editor Ankur Lodha, MD, discusses the history of peripheral lower extremity interventions and the benefits of radial access. | Read More

Dr Walker comments on a case report involving a patient presenting with gangrenous digits of the left foot and stage 4 chronic kidney disease who was noted to have a highly calcified critically stenotic popliteal artery by duplex ultrasound.  | Read More

Dr. Walker comments on the diagnosis of venous insufficiency and discusses the new device options available for the treatment of superficial venous insufficiency.  | Read More

Dr Walker comments on Dr Noah Jone’s article on the use of acoustic pulsed thrombolysis (APT) in the treatment of acute life-threatening pulmonary embolization. | Read More

Dr. Walker comments on overall medical evaluation and medical therapy of patients presenting with CLI and PAD. | Read More

In the overwhelming majority of interventional peripheral arterial procedures being performed in the United States, angiography is the only modality that is actively utilized during the intervention to guide therapy. Unfortunately, angiography has… | Read More

Dr. Walker comments on Poli and colleagues’ article on the implantation of the ACURATE neo transcatheter aortic valve to treat a patient with severe aortic stenosis via a subclavian artery that was surgically exposed. | Read More

Dr. Walker comments on a case by Kalisetta and colleagues that highlights the need to be cautious when treating in-stent restenosis with mechanical devices in order to avoid potential stent injury and entrapment. | Read More

Dr Walker comments on drug-coated balloon technology and how a decision by CMS may cause their utilization to fall. | Read More

Dr Walker comments on this month's case report by Zaitoun et al, in which pedal access was used to salvage a limb. | Read More