New Technique

The authors describe a fast-track PEVAR protocol that has allowed for reduction in morbidity, procedure time, length of hospital stay, hospital cost, and time needed for patients to return to normal daily activities.  | Read More

The authors describe the procedural technique of excimer laser atherectomy within in-stent restenosis and to highlight the clinical utility of this technology in challenging case examples. | Read More

Pressure-wire gradient detection with and without provocative hyperemia testing using this novel approach may prove to be a useful adjunct in the diagnosis and treatment of lower-extremity occlusive disease. | Read More

The use of directional atherectomy followed by balloon angioplasty is a quick, safe, and effective endovascular approach to treating Angioseal-associated femoral artery occlusions. | Read More

The authors propose a novel technique of enhanced embolic protection that combines use of the Trellis-6 with the SpiderFX Embolic Protection Device (Covidien) to mitigate poor outcomes. | Read More

AbstractPopliteal artery aneurysm is uncommon but requires prompt recognition and treatment to prevent devastating consequences. Although surgical resection is the standard of treatment, endovascular repair has become increasingly favorable. Herein… | Read More

AbstractPost-Glenn venous circulation can lead to the development of collateral connections between the higher-pressure superior vena cava system and the atrium or the lower-pressure inferior vena cava system, and should be suspected in any patient… | Read More

Immad Sadiq, MD and Kurush Setna, MD* Abstract The objective of this article is to demonstrate that supine retrograde popliteal artery access is feasible, safe and effective. No published reports of supine popliteal artery access exist in the… | Read More