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OBL Corner

Press Release
Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) completed the first outpatient procedure today in its new Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) located at 191 Innovation Ct, Ste B in Gray, La. The peripheral angiogram was performed by world-renowned interventional cardiologist, Dr. Craig Walker.
Guest Editorial
What does a complex multi-billion cell organism, like a human, and a simple, single-cell organism, like an amoeba, have in common? Both have a primal desire to avoid noxious stimuli. How is this…
Meeting Exclusives

Hollywood, FL (January 22, 2020) -- With reimbursement pushing an increase in outpatient procedures, the topic of office-based labs, or OBLs, was a hot one at the International…

Original Research
The safety and efficacy of treating patients with critical limb ischemia in an outpatient endovascular center is comparable to published results obtained at hospital centers, researchers found.
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