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Aortic Interventions Multimedia

Barry Katzen, MD, interviews Joseph Bavaria, MD, on his pioneering work in patients with acute aortic injuries as part of the ARISE trial.

Tilo Kölbel, MD

Frank Criado, MD, updates the audience on important conditions affecting the thoracic aorta.

John Fritz Angle, MD, describes how to handle the medical emergency of a type B dissection and which patients might need additional interventions.

John Fritz Angle, MD, explains the importance of experience and close follow-up from a team of experts in anticipating…

Daniel Clair, MD, explains the best strategy for patient conversations about the decision to pursue surgery or endografting.

Daniel Clair, MD, compares outcomes for open surgery vs EVAR in the period following surgery.

Daniel Clair, MD, describes the pros and cons of open surgery vs EVAR.

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