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March 14, 2020
Sahil Parikh, MD, Dierk Scheinert, MD, and Edward Choke, MD
March 04, 2021
This month, Dr. Walker tells us his views on original research by Soffer et al entitled: "Sensitivity and Specificity of Thermal Imaging When Used to Detect Superficial Venous Reflux as Compared to Duplex Ultrasound." Learn how thermal imaging…
January 18, 2021
This month in Vascular Disease Management, Dr. Walker introduces a new section in the journal called the "Fellows' Corner". This peer-reviewed section will focus on case reports and articles that are particularly relevant to fellows in training and…
October 23, 2020
This month, Dr. Walker speaks to us about a case report by Dr. Edic Stephanian titled: "Pandemic Brings New Urgency to Remote Patient Monitoring". Dr. Walker highlights the utility of RPM in the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, as well as in the assessment…
September 21, 2020
Dr. Walker provides his insight and commentary on a case report by Shammas et al:  "Management of Thrombotic Occlusion of the Femoropopliteal Artery and Proximal Tibial Vessels in a Covid-19 Patient Using the Auryon Laser".
August 11, 2020
AMP Virtual 2020: Saturday, August 15th, is the Gloves Off: Debates of the Decade session, which will feature Dr. George Pliagas facing off with Dr. Zola N'Dandu on the role of atherectomy use in CLI patients. Watch Dr. Pliagas LIVE as he debates…
July 28, 2020
In this CLI Live Case, a Rutherford class 6 male presented for a second opinion due to a previous referral for major amputation. End-stage CLI symptoms included significant rest pain and necrotic left foot with dry gangrene.
July 20, 2020
Rutherford class 5 patient requiring mechanical thrombectomy for reduction of plaque/thrombus burden, rotational atherectomy, and balloon angioplasty of multivessel disease, and treatment of pre-existing fractured popliteal stent.
July 15, 2020
Deep vein arterialization (DVA) has shown great promise in limb salvage, particularly in patients with severe diffuse arterial disease involving the pedal arch vessels and the branches of those vessels. Long term outcomes in these patients with…
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